Some of our favorite places on the Net

We wholeheartedly recommend the websites below:

Sainthill Frames

'Sainthill Frames', have been working for museums, art dealers and collectors since 1992. They work and advise on all aspects of framing styles and periods.

Inn on the Lake

Bed & Breakfast (5 star) at an old vicarage. A lovely environment with historic buildings set around a small lake, just 15 minutes from Amsterdam.

Can Talaias

An agriturismo high on a hill, with an easy vibe and an amazing ocean view - a slice of the secret Ibiza.

New Holland House

Rare opportunity to stay in a traditional Dutch canal house from 1740. Located in the heart of Amsterdam. The Anne Frank house is just a short stroll away.

Ulele restaurant in Tampa (Florida) USA

On the Riverwalk, just North of downtown Tampa you find Ulele Restaurant with Native-Inspired Foods & Spirits. The restaurant shows 9 oil paintings by Erik Renssen. Owners Richard & Melanie Gonzmart are avid Renssen collectors since their first visit of Renssen Art Gallery Amsterdam in 2012.

.New Holland House